Master of Arts in Translation Studies

For individuals interested in deepening their understanding of theology and religious studies from an academic perspective.
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The programme seeks to give students sound evangelical graduate level theological education within the African context to prepare students for ministry in the Church, Para-church organisations, and teaching careers in theological institutions in Africa and beyond. 

The programme seeks to lay foundation for the Christian faith and aims at preparing and providing foundational theological knowledge, competencies, and skills to enable the student to be an effective minister and teacher of the Christian faith.

Next Intake

January 2024

Ways to Learn

ODeL; Face to Face

Estimated Duration

2 Years (72 Credit hours )

Estimated Tution

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Benefits of Pursuing the MA in Theology at AIU

1.    Gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and its traditions.
Our MA in Theology curriculum is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the Bible, church history, systematic theology, ethics, and comparative religion. This knowledge will be valuable for those who desire  to serve in the church, work in a religious or non-profit organization.

2.    Spiritual Growth:
This programme will provide opportunities for personal reflection and growth in one's faith.

3.    Academic Exploration:
Our AIU Master's in Theology offers the chance to engage with a diverse range of theological topics and approaches, from biblical studies to moral theology, and from historical theology to contemporary issues in religion.

4.    Develop critical thinking and research skills.
Our Faculty teach in a way that will challenge our students to think critically about their faith and to develop their research skills. These skills will be valuable in any career, but especially important for those who want to work in academia or research.

5.    Preparation for Ministry:
Many people pursue a theology degree as a step toward a career in religious ministry. It can provide the necessary theological education and pastoral skills to serve as a religious leader, minister, or chaplain.

Admission Requirements

  • Holders of a Bachelor’s degree (Second Class Honours Upper Division--- or higher) from Africa International University or other universities recognized by the Africa International University Senate.

  • Holders of a Bachelor’s degree (Second Class Honours - Lower Division) from Africa International University who have at least two years of relevant experience.

  • Holders of a postgraduate diploma (credit level or higher) from Africa International University or other institutions recognized by the Africa International University Senate.

Career Paths and Opportunities

The specific career path you choose will depend on your interests, values, and goals, including:

  •  Teaching,
  •  Chaplaincy,
  •  Pastoral ministry,
  •  Religious counseling,
  •  Religious Researcher
  •  Spiritual Life Coaching:
  •  Research and academia
  •  Religious Leader or Clergy:
  •  Further academic studies, such as pursuing a Ph.D. In theology or related fields.

Programme Structure

  • BBL501 OR BBL511 Elementary Greek I OR Elementary Hebrew I
  • BBL502 OR BBL512 Elementary Greek II OR Elementary Hebrew II
  • BSS501 Hermeneutics
  • CHS501 History of World Christianity
  • PAS500 Foundations of Christian Life & Mission
  • MSS605 Leadership Delopmentvp
  • THE601 Systematic Theology I
  • THE602 Systematic Theology II
  • THE605 Christian Ethics
  • THE630 Research Methods
  • THE703 Theology of Justice

  • BSS501 Hermeneutics
  • MSS543 Comparative Study of Religion
  • PAS561 Field Ministry I
  • PAS763 Senior Reflection
  • THE503 Philosophy of Religions
  • THE606 African Christian Theology
  • THE608 Theology and Culture
  • THE609 Christian Apologetics
  • THE704 Theology of Poverty and Suffering
  • BBS771 Thesis I
  • THE772 Thesis II

Key Program Highlights

Our Master of Arts in Theology is offered through blended online Distance Education and Learning (ODeL), allowing students to access course materials and engage in studies from anywhere in the world with scheduled blocks. 

This flexibility is perfect for those with busy schedules or seeking a global learning experience.

Our curriculum takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining theology, philosophy, history, ethics, and comparative religion to offer a well-rounded theological education. This approach encourages students to explore the complexities of religious thought and practice from multiple perspectives.
Our program is led by a team of experienced and diverse faculty members who are experts in various theological and religious traditions. They provide valuable insights and mentorship throughout your academic journey.

Students have the opportunity to engage in independent research, allowing them to delve deep into specific theological topics of their choice. The program supports and encourages students to publish their research and present at conferences.

Through online discussion forums and virtual collaboration, students can connect with peers from various backgrounds and geographic locations. This creates a rich environment for discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking.
While the program is academic in nature, it also acknowledges the importance of personal spiritual formation. We encourage students to integrate their learning into their characters and spiritual growth, fostering a holistic approach to theology.
Our program is structured to accommodate both full-time and part-time students, allowing you to adapt your studies to your unique circumstances.
We offer comprehensive support services, including academic advising, technical support, and library resources to ensure that students have all the resources they need to succeed.

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