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This page provide hints and tips for studying with Moodle.

The HowTo Links are for our online distance learners, but of course they might be useful for others as well. They are provided and maintained by the ODeL Department at AIU Use/click on the links below to find your way around.

If you have any suggestions for tips, hints or how-to guides that you would find useful, just contact and we will see if we can help!

  • Log in to Moodle from the University Website by clicking the ODeL (Blended Learning) link.
  • Use the Login-Block or Login Page on the ODeL Website shown below.
  • Use AIU User-ID and password

Add Profile Picture

1.To add a profile picture,

    • Login to Moodle and click on picture icon next to the welcome note as captured below. This will open a page that allows you to see your profile details.
    • Click on "Edit Profile" link that appears on that page to add a picture or add other details.  

2.While on this page, scroll down until you see "User Picture".

3.Click the "Add…" button to find another picture to upload. Select it and then click "Update Profile" at the bottom. You can also just ‘drag and drop’ your photo into the box provided.

1.Click on the assignment name appearing on the weekly sections of a course Note: Students can read their feedback from the same place where they submitted their work.

2.On the bottom of the next page, click on Add Submission.

3.Either Drag and Drop the submission file and then click Save changes or Click Add... button and follow the steps that follow

4.When the box below appears, click Upload from the Computer and then Click Browse next to the attachment box, as seen below.

5.Navigate to your file and click Upload this file.

6.Once the file appears in the submission box, click Save Changes.

7.Then verify your assignment submission. If you need to make changes you can click the Edit my Submission button if it is available (depends on the settings from the teacher).

Step 1: Locate the link to the forum on the course page.

Step 2: Click the link to the forum. The Forum page will open with directions from your instructor at the top of the page.

Step 3: Depending on the type of forum, you may be able to start a new topic, or only reply to a topic or previous reply. If there are already Topics started, you will see a list of topics. Topics with unread posts indicate the number highlighted in yellow. Click a Topic Title (not the class member's name) to open and read what has been posted so far on the discussion. Click Reply to post your response. Note: For single-topic or blog-like forums, there is no table listing Topics. Posts are simply displayed on the Forum page. If students are allowed to start new Topics, at the top of the page you will be able to click Add a new discussion topic (top) to start a new discussion thread.

Step 4: When reading a string of replies, you may have the option to change the display of the discussion. In this case you'll see a drop-down menu at the top of the page with options to change the order and nesting of posts:

Step 5: To enter a new Topic or Reply, in the Subject field (required), type a brief but descriptive subject line.

Step 6: In the Message field (required), enter your new topic or reply. Use the HTML Editor toolbar (immediately above the text area) to format text and add images, links to media, or equations.

Step 7: Under Subscription, you may be able to control whether you receive email notifications for new posts. (You can also access subscription settings from the Settings block while viewing the forum). If you don't want to receive emails, set Subscription to I don't want email copies of posts to this forum. Note: Sometimes you will not be able to change the Subscription mode depending on the settings your Instructor has made.

Step 8: To add an attachment to your post, click Add and then choose your file using the File picker. You can also decide to drag and drop into the attachment box area to upload. Note: Image files attached to a post will display below your post, but other file types will have to be downloaded to be opened.

Step 9: When your post is complete, click Post to forum button (as one appearing below) to submit.

Note: After you post a topic or reply, you have 30 minutes to edit or delete your post before an email is sent to any subscribers.

In Moodle, students can view their grades at any time.

To view your grades:

1. Log into Moodle and enter your course.

2. Click on the Grades link in the Administration Block

3. Your grades will be displayed.

Note that you may need to click the grade category headings to see grades for individual assignments. This may vary from course to course.

Messages in Moodle work like a cross between an instant messenger and an email tool.

To send a message you should:

1. Log into Moodle and enter your course.

2. Click on Participants in the Navigation Block.

3. Click the name of the person you wish to receive the message.

4. On the profile page, click the Message link. The message window will display.

5. On the Message Window, type your message to the receiver in the space provided and click the Send Message button

Your instructor can deliver quizzes in Moodle using a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true-false, short answer, numeric questions and more.

Quizzes may be configured in very different ways, so don't expect to always see the same thing when you take a quiz. For example, you may see quiz results as soon as you finish all the questions or even as you submit each question.

You may need to wait until after the quiz deadline, or until all submitted quizzes are graded before results are released.

Take a Quiz

Step 1: Log in to Moodle and go into your course, then locate the link for the quiz you wish take. o Quiz links will always be located within the Topic or Weekly Sections that are stacked down the center of the page.

Step 2: Click the link to the quiz. The Quiz screen will open showing a summary of information about the quiz. This may include:

    • The grading method
    • The number of times you can retake the quiz (called "attempts")
    • The date range the quiz is available to take
    • The time limit for taking the quiz.

Step 3: To begin, click Attempt quiz now. A Confirmation screen will remind you of any time restrictions or limited number of attempts.

Step 4: Quizzes may have one or more questions per page. The way you answer each question may vary based on the question-type.

Please note: o

    • You can use the Quiz Navigation panel (at left) to move between quiz pages. It will show your progress as well as how much time you have remaining. When you move to another page, you can also use the Quiz navigation panel to return to complete any unanswered questions. (Completed questions will be highlighted differently from unanswered questions).
    • For some quiz and/or question types, you will need to click Submit to ensure your answer is recorded.
    • For questions without submit buttons, enter your answers and click Next (at bottom) to continue.

Step 5: When you have reached the end of a quiz, the Summary of attempt screen will open. This screen lists the quiz questions and indicates which ones have been answered. To return to a question for review, or to complete an unanswered question, click the Question number.

Step 6: When you are satisfied with your answers, click Submit all and Finish to finalize the quiz attempt.

Note: You will not be able to change any answers after you submit and finish the quiz attempt.

Review Quiz Results

Once your quiz has been graded and released by your instructor, you may be able to access a Quiz Review screen where you can see quiz questions and your answers, view your score or grade, and read instructor feedback. You can use this information to review questions you answered incorrectly or which you couldn't answer.

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