Software & Apps

The following is a list of software applications, both open source and premium, that are available and that can be easily adapted for faculty or student to use. Please contact our ODeL or  IT in order to request any other applications that you might need.

Most applications listed in table below are available for both PC and Linux platforms.

Application Download Link Use

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NB: Section below adapted from North Central Texas University - eLearning Department
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Below is an extra list of technologies and services that faculty and staff may find useful for instruction. These technologies and services are in no way endorsed by the college (University). They are provided here solely as a start-point for independent exploration.

As this list is updated frequently, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit additional educational technologies and services for inclusion.

3-D Immersive Online Environment
Concept Mapping
Content Development
Copyright & Privacy
Digital Gaming
Free Audio Content
Free Bibliographic Management
Free Image Content
Free Lesson Content
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