Student LMS Orientation

Managing Your Time

If you have ever spent any amount of time online, you know that time seems to go much faster. Before you know it, it's been three hours!

One important skill to learning online is learning to manage your time first.

Here is a list of tips for managing your time effectively so that you have time for all the things you want to do.

Make a list. Create a checklist of things that you need to accomplish and check them off as they are completed.

Set reminders.
Allocate a set amount of time for a specific task and then use an alarm to alert you when you have almost used up your time. This will keep you focused on the task and will keep your attention from wandering while online.

Don't try to do it all at once.
It's fine to set aside some tasks for completion later. Unless it is due that day, it can most likely be postponed for another time.

Don't feel while you are learning online that you have to do everything for everyone. Part of the conversation with your employer and family is to decide how responsibilities will be reallocated while you are participating in online learning.

It's important that you also don't make too rigid a schedule too far in advance. Making a weekly study schedule is one of the most effective ways to keep on top of your studying. Look at your commitments for the week and plan your study time in the natural breaks.

In addition to completing your weekly assignments, you also have a requirement to respond to your classmates. Be sure to schedule time for this as well. Learning doesn't occur in a vacuum and everyone needs to participate if excellent, collaborative learning is to take place. Also in the spirit of collaborative learning, you should adhere to the weekly schedule and follow the pace of the course.

Make time for offline activities. Some online courses require you to complete assignments outside of the online classroom. Make note of these at the beginning of the course and plan accordingly for them.

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