Student LMS Orientation

Navigating to Your Moodle/eLearning Portal Course

Upon completion of this section, you will be able to: 

- Navigate to a course in Moodle,; 
- Self enrollment into a course; 

Accessing Your Course

After you log in, your courses will appear under My Courses  link on the MAIN MENU in the center of the page. If your link is empty you will be required to navigate to the Current Semester (Online/Blended Course > Current Semester - New > Current Semester (Sem 2 - 22/23), Locate your course level, navigate to your school then programme and the seelct your course/unit click on it to self enroll.

To access a class, click on the related link for that class on the my courses menu. You are now viewing the course homepage. If not, you need to be enrolled.

NB: To access any course on ODeL you need to be enrolled into the course. You may be enrolled by your lecturer/ or yourself.

Self enrollment into a course

To self enroll, follow the procedure below:

      • How to self enroll into a course
      • Visit the ODeL portal and Login into your account
      • Navigate to the current semester via the top menu : Programmes and Courses > Current Semester > PHD or POST GRAD or UNDERGRAD
      • Navigate to the level of your course eg undergraduate, then to the course category hosting your course eg, BACP, BADS etc and that the facilitator is your class teacher.
      • Click on the course you wish to enroll into. 
      • Add the enrollment key and click on the "enroll me" button to complete the enrollment.

The enrollment key or password this semester is Jan2023!

Before you enroll, ensure that you have booked for the course in the student portal

Moving Backward and the Breadcrumb Trail

Once you are in your Moodle course, you can use your browser's navigation buttons (the forward and back arrows), but that practice may make you confused about where you are in the course. A better navigation method is to use the "breadcrumb trail" built into Moodle.

The breadcrumb trail shows the pages you have passed through to get to your current location. They are shown in the top left corner of the page and clicking on them will take you to that location in the course.

The image above shows that the page you are on at the moment is My private files. Clicking on My home would take you to your My home page. The same principle applies with each of the activity types, so if you were in a quiz you would have a link to a list of all quizzes in your course.